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7/30/2022 • Dallas, TX• Good Vibes• 10420 Plano Rd. #105 Dallas, TX. 75238

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Best Trick Vert         
Place     Name     Handle 
1st     Grant Diedrich     @grant_diedrich
2nd     Daniel Morris    @saxtape 
3rd     Cole Harper    @flubber_duster

Best Run Vert         
Place     Name     Handle 
1st     Austin Taylor    @freshbakedfingerboards
2nd     Grant Diedrich     @grant_diedrich
3rd     Cole Harper    @flubber_duster
Battle of the Plies         
Place     Name     Handle 
1st     Diego Miletti     @nocomplyfingerflip
2nd     Teddy Owen     N/A
3rd    Aiden Hitz     @fingawood
4th     Joshua Harthan     @misfitfb850
5th     Cole Harper    @flubber_duster
6th     Marcus Cramer     @cramer.fb
7th     Grant Diedrich     @grant_diedrich
8th     Carlos Trevino     @1400.fb

Best Trick Street         
Place     Name     Handle 
1st     Mason Baker     @too_fat_to_crust
2nd     Grant Diedrich     @grant_diedrich
3rd    Marcus Cramer     @cramer.fb
4th     William Cunningham     @gummy_skates
5th     Joshua Harthan     @misfitfb850
6th     Teddy Owen     N/A
Best Run Street         
Place     Name     Handle 
1st     Marcus Cramer     @cramer.fb
2nd     Joshua Harthan     @misfitfb850
3rd    Mason Baker     @too_fat_to_crust
4th     Grant Diedrich     @grant_diedrich
5th     Austin Ellis     @7fingerboardsdeep
6th     Austin Tayler     @freshbakedfingerboards
7th     Rainer DeCamine     N/A
USAFBL Stop 10 Dallas RANK BIG.jpg


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