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7/24/2022 • Philadelphia, PA• Liberty View • 599 Market St, Philadelphia, PA. 19106

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Best Trick Vert         
Place     Name     Handle 
1st     Tanner Hench    @thfingerboarding
2nd     Cade Mowry
3rd     Owen Yabes    N/A
4th     Kai Frien    N/A
5th      Matthew Krolik    @fb4fun2472
6th     Isaac Gannett     @liliz
Best Run Vert         
Place     Name     Handle 
1st     Isaac Gannett     @liliz
2nd     Matthew Krolik    @fb4fun2472
3rd     Tanner Hench    @thfingerboarding
4th     Kai Frien    N/A
5th     Cade Mowry
Battle of the Plies         
Place     Name     Handle 
1st     Matthew Krolik    @fb4fun2472
2nd     Tyler Kulp     @stickeefingaz
3rd    Nathan Michaud     @nate2skate
4th     Kai Frien    N/A
5th     Micheal Jones     @midofingerboards
6th     Oscar Smith     @alivefingerboards
7th     Casey Betlyon    @saucy_fingers
8th     Cade Mowry
9th     Kenneth Forrester     @tetuo_ _ kaneda 
10th     Olajuwon Gathers     @the-gramburglur 
11th     Jeremy Ginsberg     N/A
12th     Dominic Abrams     @spacedoutdomo
13th     Connor Hough     N/A
14th     Ethan Engleman    N/A
15th     Samual Taylor     @samie_fb
16th     Kyle Bolen     N/A

Best Trick Street         
Place     Name     Handle 
1st     Cade Mowry
2nd     Micheal Jones     @midofingerboards
3rd    Landon Catts     @lt.fingerboards 
4th     Kai Frien    N/A
5th     Ethan Engleman    N/A
6th     Tanner Payne     @s.a.u.s.a.g.e
7th     Kenneth Forrester     @tetuo_ _ kaneda 
8th     Matthew Krolik    @fb4fun2472
9th     Jeremy Ginsberg     N/A
10th     Casey Betlyon    @saucy_fingers
11th     Bradely Neushafer     @ladyfingers.fb
12th     Kyle Bolen     N/A
13th     Isaac Gannett     @liliz
14th     Forest Delong     N/A
Best Run Street         
Place     Name     Handle 
1st     Tanner Hench    @thfingerboarding
2nd     Andres Garcya     @jointkillerfb
3rd    Matthew Krolik    @fb4fun2472
4th     Jeremy Ginsberg     N/A
5th     Casey Betlyon    @saucy_fingers
6th     Oscar Smith     @alivefingerboards
7th     Kai Frien    N/A
8th     Micheal Jones     @midofingerboards
9th     Kyle Bolen     N/A
10th     Cade Mowry
11th     Isaac Gannett     @liliz
12th     Tanner Payne     @s.a.u.s.a.g.e

USAFBL Stop 9 Phili RANK BIG.jpg
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