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It’s Time for THE Drop that Changes Everything...

JOIN the only fingerboarding league



Individuals & Team Owners | Ranked Athletes | Fingerboarders that want League-only experiences


Join our league and start your journey of having your stats tracked as you rank your way up to becoming a professional fingerboarder. This is an annual once-a-year fee to have league benefits and have your stats accumulated.  This is the beginning point of being a professional ranked fingerboarder with USAFBL. 

USAFBL Ranking System

● Categories for which a fingerboarder can be ranked in the USFBL are:

  ○ Best Run Vert

  ○ Best Run Street

  ○ Best Trick Vert

  ○ Best Trick Street

  ○ Game of Skate

● Everyone starts off as an unranked fingerboarder in all categories

● It is possible to be ranked in one or more categories and still be unranked in other categories at the same time

● You can only be a ranked fingerboarder in categories that you compete in

● Men and women of all ages are grouped into USAFBL Ranking System

● In order to become a ranked fingerboarder you will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  ○ You must compete in at least 7 USAFBL sanctioned events

  ○ You have to place in the top 33% of a category that you are competing in 60% of the time to be a ranked fingerboarder in that category. Ex. 10 ppl compete in Best Trick Street you would have to place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, “top 33%”. You would have to do this 60% of the time to become ranked

● Once you are a ranked fingerboarder, your status does not go away unless you decide to not participate in the ranking system ● In order to participate in the ranking system and for your ranking stats to be tracked, you will need to be a USAFBL league member. Memberships are available at USAFBL.COM

2024 League Member Dues

Excluding Sales Tax
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